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Zelle has 2 kinds of views, FPV and Top-Down.
​Playing with a mouse or trackpad is the main, but in Top-Down scene the keyboard operation is easier to play.
Left click and move a step ahead.
Left click and move to another room.
Item field
If you get the item, it will be used automatically when you need it.
Once you have the map, you can see the map about the castle by clicking.
Change direction to the back.
Pushing while in the room, from there you can leave.
* Auto save function is implemented in this game.
   Every time you enter or leave the room,
   the game is automatically saved every time.
Battle is done with the hero's own Rosary.
Let's click on the same color Rosary with a look at the color of the enemy's eyes.
Rosary has three colors.
In this case, the color of the enemy's eyes is yellow, so click on the yellow rosary.
Battle has time limit.
As time passes,
it becomes a game over.
Be careful!
If you defeat the enemy, the score will be displayed!

As soon as you knock the devil down, you get the better score.

The image "TIME" is the remaining time.
There are three ranks, A → B → C, in descending order.
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